Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Zero, One, Infinity goes live!

After a few delays, Frank Kumro and I finally recorded the first episode of Zero, One, Infinity, our new podcast for software developers! After some tweaking and editing, it's now up on the web site.

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Wednesday, April 8, 2015


I hadn't written anything in a while, but I just started a new project: embedded.guide. Over a year ago, as part of a prototype I was working on, I managed to write a small embedded operating system for an ARM microcontroller. It was mainly a learning exercise, as I hadn't written any ARM code since the mid-90s, and I really love the low-level stuff. It worked enough that I decided I wanted to share what I'd learned, partly because writing it down and explaining it solidifies the knowledge for me, and partly because I want other people to be able to learn about it without having to search across as many different web sites as I did.

The code I wrote was tied up with the project I was working on then, so I finally made the time to sit down and extract the minimal code to get an LED blinking on a Nucleo development board. Then there was finding a nice, clean template to work with GitHub Pages, and the acquisition of a suitable domain name. Over the course of the series, I'll be adding back in the bits of functionality I figured out originally, beginning with task switching.

It's going to be a work in progress for quite a few months, but feel free to check it out and contact me if you have comments. http://embedded.guide/